Application PAR+

PAR+ (PAR Plus) is a free mobile app which you can download from Apple Store and Google Play. Application allows readers of PAR magazine get direct access to additional content related to the selected publications.

PAR is a first scientific and technical magazine in Poland which offers its customers this unique solution.

With PAR +, an application that uses the technology Augmented Reality developed by ARFixer, with use one touch of a finger, watch a movie or animation related with an article, go to the website or to the photo gallery of the events described in the press coverage, read the extended version of the article, review and to download the product specifications described in the article, comment on an article on Facebook, and much, much more.

Download application here

or scan the QR code below

Using Augmented Reality is very simple: just download to your smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android PAR + free application, run it, and then direct the camera of the mobile device on the chosen  magazine page. If the page is linked to the additional content, ie. contains a marker directing to the hidden content, the marker will be three-dimensional logo PAR + and a clear set of icons that can be used to navigate through the links, multimedia and websites related to the marker.

PAR + is not only a "revival" of paper, but also the ability to add and update content already published. Thanks to the technology ARFixer can not read the codes (bar, QR, etc.), but with a freely definable graphic markers, these markers can be attributed also to archives, as if prolonging their lives - in the virtual space.